An avalanche of undulating sensation crushes me softly

a suffocating pulse that seems to beat when my breath fades away

Oh mysterious stranger i once knew, how did you fall so far, 

It’s a warm collapse of a love long lost that settles like the morning fog on quiet pond

ever still, ever silent is the dampening madness of miss misery

the dimming hope of the solitary street light flickering in and out, in my head

and in five seconds it was gone, now the stolen kisses and memories crumble like ash

so please hear me when I say I never wanted to make you cry

Calling your name, howling at the moon

only a deafening echo responds to my despondency

I was just a boy

she was just a girl

I don’t want to believe it

But I’m just a boy and she’s just a girl

Worlds away from the home we had

and i know it’s absurd to say now

but i cherished every kiss we shared


casino heist gambit

facts of fiction reside in the deep fast hollow

blooming in the hidden halls of tragedy

what price must we pay

to find a place we can call home

a wilting willow cries a sappy song

and my halo burns speeding down sunset boulevard

racing the inevitable hammer of justice

before we dine on the sacred moss

hidden by the crystal lake of unholy union

Sip away and find your fate

call me names while you burn and throw away

the old polaroids we once shared

cut the string that connects our tin cans

so the reverberations of our sweet dreams are muted

before my lonesome heart hops the freight train

to become another lost casualty

in this restless age of wonderful tarnation


laughing at the end of the world

she grabs my hand 

we shine friendly sinful smiles

while the bombs go off

nuclear winds ignite the love in our eyes

blowing us away like sandcastles

and danger licks the woven tears 

a solemn quilt of contentment

furnished by the noise of a sonic life

lived in the absoluteness of truth


Her sweet milky skin curves like dunes of a time forgone

heavy winds plow her ever-changing shape

folding into my whirlwind passion of desire

my lips drag upon her neck

beckoning a forbidden nibble like Adam and Eve

ripe vile young bodies writhe between the sheets

and the devil may cry at the heavy heat we trap between time

scribing our names in the book of the damned

we become immortal in the moments 

we’ve stained on this fleeting dream

and as the hour glass may empty and our bodies disappear

We fight through the pain of this life

with an everlasting kiss

a moan that makes kingdoms rise and fall

a shudder that makes volcanoes erupt

and tidle waves to still the debris

of this forlorn love shared between a temptress 

and a tattered dumb clown 

who holds the hope of the world in the palm of his hand

silently smiling, sitting on the corner of 9th and avenue B


Tiger lillies splash

her venomous bite 

courses black through my veins

deep murky waters

cold heavy chains

wrapped around the old rusty heartbox

treasure, treasure hidden forever

always lost and rarely recovered

castoff, smiling up from the bottom 

Of the old maritime lost and found


Steady depths of blooming light

cast a shadow

from the gloom of that withered city

envious with passion for your gentle hand

screaming rain pours on my dusty window

looking out on the desolate abandon

of years amiss like rogue darts

waiting for that long lost yes

to correct the faltered mumbles

the youthful stutters 

of some love drunk butterfly


Sometimes we must face the long dark road

The looming moon smiles down upon my aching heart

toiling with the choice to hurt or love

we must rip it off like a bandage

and do what must be done

let our wounds breath

let our restless hearts wander and fall like stars

Or we can miss the m16 bus

and wait for it to make it’s way ’round, back again

she blows a kiss through the smokey room

and the candle in the corner catches the velvet curtains

the fire burns and cackles like a frenzied hyena

crazed I chase her to the top of the stairs 

like a couple of kids playing hide and seek

we dance madly with hot feet

by sunrise there was nothing left but a pile of embers

our wisps of smoke rising from the ash 

twisting together in embrace towards the heavens


Deviant smiles file for some mischief

as I caressed the skin under her leather shorts

combing the field for some dart to throw

my bullseye mark shadowed the serpents

that slithered up our spines

choking each other into submission

where deep breaths echoed our carnal thirst

no hope in the affair but the sweaty touch

the intoxicating smell of lust

succulent as a mason jar full of wine berries 

on a warm July afternoon


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